Frequently Asked Questions

I am a home owner/ tenant – do InDepth do domestic leak detection?
    Yes! InDepth provide services to householders – including leaks on heating systems, hot and cold supply and mains water supply

I think I have a leak in my heating system how will I know before calling InDepth?
    If your heat is losing pressure; you need to constantly re-fill the system; you’re getting air locks in the radiators or you can hear the header tank filling up then you may have a leak

How much will leak detection cost?
As each job is different it can be difficult to estimate. On inspection one of our engineers can give a guide price, however at InDepth we focus on getting it done right and cost effectively rather than cheap and quickly

Will it be covered by insurance?
    Depending on your insurer but normally detection is covered under the “Trace and Access” policy

What payment methods do you accept?
    Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer, Cash or Cheque

Why should my business undertake a water audit?
    A water audit will determine the cost of water in running your business and also shows where savings can be made

How will you give me the results?
We will provide a written report of the findings and discuss options to reduce costs

What savings have you made for other businesses?
    We have given savings from €1,000 to €60,000 a year to businesses. It depends on the size of the business and the overall demand on water

Do I really need a water audit if I’m not a large hotel?
    Just as you monitor electricity and gas; you service cars and maintain equipment, a water audit is a tool to help you reduce water bills

Dry-riser and Hydrant testing…are they really necessary?
It is the responsibility of building owners to ensure these systems are in good working order in case of fire, as both provide potentially life saving water

What are the benefits of using InDepth’s ROV camera for reservoir surveys
    Our specialist underwater camera can carry out surveys of water tanks and reservoirs with no disruption to the system. It fulfils the requirements as laid down by the EPA and is less expensive than other methods of inspection

Is the work of InDepth Water Management certified?
InDepth Water Management engineers are trained technicians in all aspects of water management. We are also RGI registered.

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